Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella Unveils New Digital Strategy For Businesses: ‘Tech Intensity’

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella Unveils New Digital Strategy For Businesses: ‘Tech Intensity’

Nadella described tech intensity as a fusion of cultural mindset and business processes that rewards the development and propagation of digital capabilities that create end-to-end digital feedback loops, tear down data silos and unleash information flows to trigger insights and  predictions, automated workflows and intelligent services.

This latest example of Microsoft’s strategic differentiation from its competitors in the Cloud Wars carries forward some key themes that Nadella has been touting over the past 12-18 months centered around his belief that in a world where computing is rapidly becoming ubiquitous, industry leaders must aggressively and relentlessly pursue digital innovation across everything they do.

For example:

  • Each year, about 10 billion new microcontroller-equipped devices are plugged into the global economy—which companies will lead the way in weaving all those intelligent devices into highly intelligent and optimized feedback loops?

  • Nadella says the world is becoming one giant computer—which businesses will be best positioned to take full advantage of that massive scale and connectedness?

  • More than 2 billion “first-line workers” can become active users of this ubiquitous computing in untraditional ways that new technologies are now making possible, unlocking new opportunities for innovation and productivity;

  • Nadella recently said that data from its LinkedIn subsidiary shows that as fast as tech companies are pursuing and recruiting developers, non-tech companies are hiring developers at an even faster rate and in larger numbers; and

  • Microsoft believes it’s ideally positioned to take a leading role in this emerging world of “tech intensity” and ubiquitous computing by offering a complete fabric supporting this new model: hybrid architecture, Azure, Azure Stack, Azure IoT Edge, Azure Sphere and more.

At today’s Microsoft Ignite conference, Nadella used his keynote address to highlight some powerful innovation from companies ranging across multiple industries and from around the world, with the common denominator being their aggressive deployment of digital technology, digital processes and digital business to create entirely new types of competitive advantage.

The customer innovations—in food processing, oil exploration, smart buildings, mixed-reality retail experiences and more—highlighted by Nadella are built around AI, IoT, blockchain, Dynamics 365, mixed reality, Azure Digital Twins, Azure Sphere, and insights gleaned from quantum-computing research.

Bron: Forbes